Marilyn Brookwood


The Culture Buzz

by Marilyn Brookwood

October 06, 2021

Evans stereograph 1 jpg-Evans stereograph 1 jpg
Marilyn Brookwood’s diligent research and gift for telling the story combine in a masterful understanding of an incredible chapter in American history. The Orphans of Davenport: Eugenics, the Great Depression, and the War Over Children’s Intelligence provides a detailed glimpse into a dark time for many young orphans, with a surprising silver lining in the outcome for many of them.”
- from segment description featured on archive​.org

A note from the author: The Culture Buzz with John Busbee gave me the wonderful opportunity to talk about THE ORPHANS OF DAVENPORT with another Iowa local. This quick and snappy interview with such a wonderful interviewer was a delight to give, and I have to thank John Busbee for his wonderful questions and compliments to my story telling.

Duration: 0:16:29